The Apex Project

Repeated analysis shows that literacy outcomes at KS1 are closely correlated with success at KS4. Eliminating early literacy failure was identified more than 20 years ago as the ‘Apex project’ for UK education: the single most significant change to create the largest impact on educational outcomes. 

The Fischer Family Trust, alongside FFT Education and FFT Datalab, works with the programme Success for All to implement the Apex Project in a range of schools in regions and cities in England including in London, Suffolk, Peterborough, Rotherham, Manchester, Blackpool and Cumbria. By piloting interventions such as tutoring and eyesight-testing we can better understand how schools can reduce early literacy failure.  

Current interventions build on an evidence base in the US since the 1980s and iterated in the UK since 1997.

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Other projects

The Fischer Family Trust supports a variety of other initiatives in health and conservation including long-term support for the medical research led by Systems Biology Laboratory (SBL) in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

In 2020, the Fischer Family Trust offered emergency support to a local effort to help GPs and care homes by providing a supply chain of chemical reagents needed for asymptomatic regular PCR testing at SBL. Through a network of furloughed volunteers this was the seed of the Covid Testing Network, that has since provided millions of PCR covid tests, connecting labs to their local care homes, and provided regular screening for high-risk workplaces as part of the national testing programme in 2020. 

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