Fischer Family Trust donates PPE and Medical Equipment to India


During the first wave of the pandemic, when the crisis first hit in March 2020, Mike Fischer acted quickly to help out local doctors surgeries and hospitals with donations of PPE and oxygen concentrators. He also set up the Covid Volunteer Testing network. A year later we were happy to be able to donate remaining stocks to Oxfam to India … Read More

Finding a solution to vision problems in children – exploring school-based screening


There are some rather obvious problems with the current vision screen system: not all pupils are screened, screening varies, and schools are not informed of the result. Often, responsibility falls to parents or teachers to notice eyesight problems, and subsequently for parents to take a child to the opticians. This means that, in England, a very large number of children … Read More

Mike Fischer’s adoption of the Deming-Juran system of management


From the earliest days of Research Machines in the 1970s, Mike always aspired to having a well-thought through, efficient approach to management.  His initial plan for the company was to hire someone to run it once it got going.  He was conscious that neither he nor his co-founder Mike O’Regan had any experience in running a large business.  As this … Read More

The Apex Project – Results so far


Since 2019 the Fischer Family Trust has supported the Apex project – a collaboration between Success for All (SFA), the trust and ten schools on improving literacy in Key Stage 1. So far, we have been piloting two distinct projects. One is to use a cost-effective one-to-four computer aided tutoring method for children in Years One and Two, to see … Read More

Could Vitamin D play a role in protecting people from Covid-19?


Strategies to boost the UK population’s immunity to respiratory infections are urgently needed pending development of an effective vaccine for coronavirus. There have been recent debates as to whether vitamin D – the ‘sunshine vitamin’ – could play a key role in protecting people from COVID-19; however, definitive evidence on this is lacking. The Fischer Family Trust is pleased to … Read More

Addressing the Covid education crisis – working with the UK National Tutoring Programme


We are delighted to announce that the collaboration between FFT, Success for All and Operam partners has been awarded a contract to help deliver the National Tutoring Programme for Covid 19 catch up in the current academic year. This means that around 14,000 pupils will hopefully benefit from the innovative, online, blended tutoring programme ‘Tutoring with the Lightning Squad’ that … Read More