The Fischer Family Trust works with longstanding partners to deliver a rigorous approach to continuous improvement of complex systems, using an influential system developed for science and industry by William Edwards Deming and Joseph Juran. The Fischer Family Trust applies this approach to core issues in education and health.

The Deming-Juran (D-J) approach, and evolutions of it under names such as ‘Lean manufacturing’ and ‘Six Sigma’, constitutes by far the most effective framework for system-wide continuous improvement. The D-J approach incorporates a cycle of prioritisation of individual areas for improvement, hypothesis generation and testing, and robust incorporation of validated changes. The D-J approach reliably delivers sustained material improvements to the performance of a whole system.


Tackling specific improvements project by project.

Careful identification and prioritisation of the ‘Vital Few’ projects at each stage.

Improvement by hypothesis testing leading to evidence-based incorporation or rejection.

Embedding the proven changes with a specific framework for ‘retaining the gain’.