Mike Fischer is a scientist, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist who founded the Fischer Family Trust to address the challenge of early literacy - the most critical issue in education.

Mike Fischer co-founded RM Plc in 1973 and built the company by studying and applying the empirical science of high-impact systematic improvement. He first became actively involved in education policy in 1992, and identified that failure to gain strong foundational literacy in the early years of primary school was the biggest single cause of educational failure in the UK. To improve the system, this issue should be solved first.


Since 2001, the Fischer Family Trust has improved the methodology of measuring school performance, now led by FFT Education (the schools’ data service) and FFT Datalab. As a result, the Fischer Family Trust and FFT Education are recognised and trusted by UK school leaders and policymakers. For more on the FFT ‘journey’ see: The FFT Story - FFT. Systematic improvement involves learning from others, and so the Fischer Family Trust sought to bring the best global programme for addressing the complex challenge of early literacy to the UK and set up Success for All UK in 1999.

The Trust also supports the Systems Biology Laboratory (SBL) as a community interest company to pursue research in immune responses to cancer and has offered small scale philanthropy to a variety of local and international causes including the Henley River and Rowing museum and wildlife protection and conservation.